Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to install AVG Free Antivirus in Windows 10

In this guide we will know how to replace default Windows Guard antivirus into AVG Antivirus Free edition in Windows 10 OS.

1. Please visit AVG official site to download AVG Free Antivirus installer for Windows 10.

2. Please save this installer to your hard drive

3. After installer download is finished, please run AVG Free Antivirus installer as administrator

4. In a new opened User Account Control window please allow this app to make changes to your device – simply press “Yes” button

5. Installer will start its installation preparing.

6. During installing AVG will be downloading installation components

7. Now, AVG Free Antivirus installer shows “Welcome” screen. Press “Continue” to start installation process.

8. To get a Free version of AVG Antivirus, please select “Basic protection” mode and press “Install now” button.

9. AVG installer will start installing process.

10. During installation there will be downloading of necessary components

11. If you need install AVG fast, skip free AVG account registration

12. Now, AVG is installed into your PC with windows 10 OS. AVG need some time to adjust settings, it could be 5-10 minutes, then AVG downloads updates automatically for own work. After this time you can check AVG Free antivirus state – this window with such message must appear. To view this windows please click AVG shortcut from taskbar.

13. Now, please press ”Start” button and then find “Windows - Control Panel” section, run “Control Panel”

14. In a Windows 10 Control Panel please open “System and Security” section

15. Then open “Security and Maintenance” section

16. Please open “Security” section and “AVG is turned on” state will be shown. It means that free AVG Antivirus works fine in your Windows 10 OS.


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