Friday, November 22, 2013

How To Install Comodo Internet Security

In this guide we will show how to install Comodo Internet Security in Windows 8.1 OS. Setup file for installation could be downloaded from the CNET Network Page.
Press “Download Now” button as shown.

Your browser will ask you about installation file which could be saved to your hard drive. Let’s do it.

After the downloading will be completed, Right click to the “cispremium_installer.exe” and select “Run as administrator”.

Windows 8.1 OS User Account Control will inform you about verified publisher, which was checked by using setup’s file digital signature. You need to press “Yes” button to continue.

Firstly, installation process will show to you files extracting progress.

A few moments later, Comodo Internet Security Installer will give an opportunity to select a program language.

Next step, Comodo Internet Security installer will ask you about additional program’s options to install. You could select options you prefer.

At the next installation window, please view Comodo Internet Security License Agreement.

The License Agreement will look as shown here. Please press “Back” button.

By pressing “Agree and Install” button installation process will be resumed.

It is very interesting, but firstly setup process will install Comodo Dragon Web Browser, based on Chrome browser.


Then, Comodo Internet Security installation will appear.

At the last step, Comodo Internet Security user will see, that other free services were installed into their Windows 8.1 OS. All shortcuts will be placed on Desktop.

Comodo Internet Security internal Firewall will activate Network detection process, so please select the appropriate type for you. Don’t forget to check “Do not detect new networks again”.

After Network detection will be done, please press “Close” button for scan window.

Comodo Internet Security program will recommend to you to restart your Windows 8.1 OS.

After OS restart, Comodo Internet Security will show “Thank you” window, which could be closed.

Now, Comodo Internet Security will start antivirus bases update. You need to wait for some time.

After the bases will be updated, Quick scan process will be executed.

When the Quick scan will be finished, green “Secure” message will appear on all Comodo Internet Security program’s panels.

Comodo Internet Security Control Panel could be closed at this step.

Now, you can check what the default antivirus software is using by Windows 8.1 OS. Open “Control Panel” using Right click to the Start button.

Then, select “System and Security” link.

Please open “Action Center”

In Windows 8.1 Action Center “Comodo Antivirus” will be shown as “Virus protection” and “Spyware and unwanted software protection”.