Saturday, September 28, 2013

How To Install Bitdefender Internet Security

In this guide we will describe how to install Bitdefender Internet Security in Windows 8.1 OS.
Firstly, please download the latest Setup file from Official Site.

Bitdefender Internet Security Setup file supports online installation of the product. Please Right Click and select “Run as administrator”

Windows 8.1 User Account Control will show us that the Setup file produced by “Verified Publisher – Bitdefender SRL”, it means that the digital signature is OK, so press “Yes” button. 

Bitdefender Internet Security Setup will start downloading of the Full installer as shown. 

When the Full installer will be started, the “Welcome” window will appear on your screen.
Please read “End User License Agreement” by clicking the link shown.

“End User License Agreement” will be opened by installer in your default OS web browser.

To start installation process, please press “Install” button.

Bitdefender Internet Security installation consists of three main steps:
1. Scanning your Windows 8.1 OS before installation
2. Downloading of the additional files
3. Installing into your Windows 8.1 OS

Here it is shown “Downloading” step

When the Bitdefender Internet Security installation is running, Windows 8.1 will alert about “Firewall protection”, “Spyware protection”, “Virus protection”. Don’t worry, everything are OK, cause the Firewall, Spyware and Antivirus protection will are replaced with Bitdefender Internet Security applications.

Now, we can see installation to Windows 8.1 OS progress.

When the installation will be completed, Setup will show this window.

Now, Bitdefender will ask us to “Register your product”, in our case we will try the product for free.

On the next step, we configure product behavior by default.

For Bitdefender registered users there is option to Login to MyBitdefender account, we skipped this step as shown by clicking “Ask me later” 

Bitdefender Internet Security inform us about our OS are currently protected, so we could run “Quick Scan”

Quick Scan running progress is shown here.

If there are no any threats, Bitdefender Internet Security will show this message.

Now, we can check, are Bitdefender Internet Security services work as “Firewall, Spyware and Antivirus protection” in Windows 8.1 instead of Windows Defender application. Please Right Click to the “Start” button and select “System” from submenu.

Then, please go to the “Action Center”

Congratulations! Bitdefender Firewall (1) is active; Bitdefender Antivirus and Bitdefender Antispyware services are turned on also (2).